Tuesday, November 20

museum brochure

Once you are retired deadlines take on a whole new meaning. I am trying to learn to relax and pull back on my type A personality. I tell myself I have lots of time and it can wait, then an opportunity arises and the type A personality comes right back into action. I saw a lovely museum brochure from the Lumsden museum and thought I must figure out how to do that one day. I was at a workshop in Saskatoon and was talking to a fellow from a museum in Prince Albert and he said there are free 30 day trial templates on line. I thought that's nice I must do that one day. I had committed myself to putting together a museum display for the Cupar Trade show and was told by a friend that it was important to have something to give people, like a brochure. Rats! I just hit a deadline. Well after 2 days of swearing I had that brochure. Thought I would share it with all of you.
I leave it to you to fold it in your mind.

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