Friday, July 23

Donation box

The model of the Methodist/United church has a bell in the tower that rings when you drop in coins. the kids love it.

Monday, July 5

Cupar Museum 25 years + one

A look back at our past and present board members and sample changes since the beginning of the community at 100 block Stanley St.

Saturday, April 3

By laws

Cupar was established in 1905. Here are the first 7 by laws I found in the Cupar Herald dated 1909. Made me laugh. Somethings have changed and some things haven't. Hopefully not to be sent to the gaol (jail ) for now anyways.

Early sports : baseball 1909 -10

Almost all small rural communities not long after establishing themselves played several different sports. Here is an early baseball team, not all names are listed. Many were prominent business men in town.

Cupar’s brick school

Cupar's brick school was built in 1907. The original didn't have the side extensions most people remember. One of the photos shows the teacherage to the left of the school. Later the elementary school was there. Later it became the school board office.All these buildings are now gone but we do have a "new" K to 12 school near the old site. iv class="separator" style="clear: both;">

Cupar Herald

Small town newspapers are critical to research by community members and others. The Cupar Herald began 6 November 1906 and continued into the early 1950's. Not all issues exist. The Saskatchewan Archives has the remaining issues on microfilm. The Cupar Museum houses the existing paper copies although they are quite fragile we handle them with care.

Friday, April 2

Cupar hockey team 1955 -56

Cupar hockey team rookies 1964-65

we have other photos at the museum of them getting their heads shaved. not sure what that is all about

Cupar Museum Board of Directors

This is the first board of directors of the Cupar and district Heritage Museum established in 1995. It took 5 years to get to this point and the financial and volunteer efforts of the people and institutions of Cupar and area.

Cupar school buses through the early years

Anyone from the Cupar area may remember the joys of these early buses. Maybe parents or grandparents.

Cupar drugstore circa 1950's

Too bad I can't say I'm heading down to the drug hall and that was okay. Changing times.

Original 2 Cupar Churches

The first 2 churches in Cupar were the Methodist church built in 1905 and the Anglican church built in 1906

sketch Cupar 1914

Obviously not to scale