About The Blogger

“I may not know who I am but I know where I'm from.”
Wallace Stegner : Wolf Willow.

Greetings: The opinions stated here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the Cupar and District Museum Board policies. My goal is to inform people of our activities, to educate people about how quickly today becomes history, and to help people realize that the museum can be a critical source of research on family and community.

I am one of the “recently retired” who has been in the process of “re-inventing herself”. Actually I am returning to my long term passion, history. I was always concerned about everyday people, us, and the movement of people from place to place, how government policies, wars, treaties, boom and bust affect us.

For over 35 years I made and taught film. It was my passion. Now I am blessed with the time to re-direct my passion to my first love, history.


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