Monday, June 25

Please Don't Rain, Please Don't Rain, Please Don't Rain

It seems that no matter what day we choose for our Strawberry Social, chances are it will rain. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Sometimes even if it isn't raining the grounds are so saturated that we have mud ruts everywhere. Other times we have moved the date only to get rain again. Sigh! One glorious year it poured then the sun came out an hour before our event. Hurrah!

Even though the national weather person predicted drought this year we have had lots of rain this June. It is necessary to always have a Plan B. One year we moved our event to the Legion, too small a space.

This year we set up the canopies on June 22. Our summer exhibit on softball in Cupar was set to go and then we waited to see. We continued to wait the morning of June 23 to see what the weather would do. Our event is scheduled to start at 2:00pm and at 12:30 the call or calls were made. Messages went out on social media and posters downtown quickly changed.

We moved to the recently renovated Town Hall. The band Blue Country was able to spread out nicely and they commented on how good the acoustics were. Our crowd of about 60 people may have been smaller than other years, but of course the weather is mainly to blame. Everyone had a great time, but of course we would have preferred to be outside in the warmth and sun. Sigh! Maybe next year.

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