Tuesday, August 1

Our Summer Student

Meet Colby our summer student for 2017. We have been keeping him busy with a variety of tasks.
He has learned to clean artifacts, catalogue and put them up for display or in storage. He has updated the labelling of storage units. He has been working on putting up donor cards. He has cleaned and repainted our workshop area. He repaired a bookcase from the Cupar Union Hospital and it is now full of books, how did that happen? He greets visitors and helps with senior tours. Of course he has his regular maintenance jobs of caring for the grounds and cleaning inside the museum. This really is just a sampling.

We will be hosting the Adrian Paton Photo Exhibit from August 14 to September 14. Colby has been busy making available a space and either moving artifacts or putting them into temporary storage.

We were donated a 1950's crank wound gramophone. Colby had a chance to check it out and play some music. Our Shalom residents really seem to enjoy the old time music on their visits. I found a record “Mighty Mouse.” Colby was confused because he had never heard of this cartoon character. I said google it.

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