Monday, August 14

Adrian Paton Photo Exhibit

On Saturday August 12th our museum arranged to meet a fellow from the railway museum in Saskatoon.  The halfway point either Lanigan or Dafoe. Take Dafoe its only 113km from us as opposed to 150km.  And so 2 cylinder containers were loaded up.

Then on Sunday August 13th, 5 of us got together to put it up.  Warning: always read the instructions first and there is always something that seems obvious and isn't, which the manual doesn't tell you.

We are quite excited to have the exhibit as we thought we would not have room for any travelling exhibits, but this one is quite compact at 11ft long by 7ft high.

Our first official visitors will be from Shalom, the seniors home.  We are making arrangements for other groups to come.  We have the exhibit for one month.

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