Thursday, August 25

We Have No Space

 How often have we heard from small museums “we have no space”?
 Maybe its true or we need to rethink the space we have.
 We are fortunate to have a large storage space we rent to people to house their RVs for the winter.
 However there is an used section that contains questionable shelving and wood that is basically beyond useable.
Time to sort through this, and that is exactly what a number of our volunteers have been doing this summer.
 We should have the first phase of our demolition complete before fall.
 Then we have the winter to rethink and plan how we can best utilize the “new found space”

Tuesday, August 23

Cupar Cemetery Mapping

Thank you to Linda Nameth for her many hours, actually more like months in her efforts to map and identify names and dates of people in the Cupar Cemetery. She intents to update this map and book once a year as our cemetery continues to have active burials. Thanks to her walkers, Linda and Jim Adam, and Lucille Ermel, who wandered the cemetery trying to identify and record headstones. Our town staff should also be thanked for supplies and computer access.
You can find the cemetery map on the Town of Cupar website.
A kiosk with map and book listing names location in cemetery and birth-death dates, when possible whether cremated or in casket and next of kin is located in the cemetery.
I have spent hours wandering through the cemetery looking for early settlers, finding their headstones and then losing track of where they were the next time I went out. So we now have a vital tool for family members and researchers.