Thursday, March 31

Moving Exhibits

Spring, a time of renewal and time to rethink museum displays. Our wildlife / taxidermy exhibit has been in the main building for years. The wood is lighter in behind, so I suspect it could be 20 years. It has now been moved to the hallway adjoining the other major displays. I must say it really looks good there. 

Our new mannequins have arrived. Our permanent war exhibit will house some of them. Now the problem is fitting the new ones in, which seem to be slightly taller than the old ones.

The summer exhibit featuring the 1950s will be positioned where the wildlife exhibit originally was.
Cleaning and dusting exhibits seems to always fall to our female members and what a fresh smell everything had when they finished. So over coffee several of our female board members poured over 1950s Eaton's catalogues doing preliminary research. Although we do have some 1950s artifacts others will be coming in just for the summer.

People will be pleasantly surprised come the Strawberry Social on June 25th.

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