Thursday, October 1

Lipton Hebrew Cemetery

I guess like everyone, I don't know where the time goes. Summer as usual was too short. Sad to say one of our big outings was a trip to KFC in Fort Qu'Appelle. On the way home, north on highway #35, I realized that we weren't really that far from the Lipton Hebrew Cemetery, only 8 km as the crow flies from Lipton really isn't that helpful. Follow #35 north to Hayward road, turn east (right) for about 10km on a gravel road, then north (left) for another 2km about. Beautiful countryside.

The grave houses are rare to this province and even though we were welcomed by big vicious mosquitoes and ran quickly through the cemetery it was well worth it. The museum is a little tin shed but don't let that fool you or let the mosquitoes drive you away. It is very informative.

As a bonus we stopped at a sign for the Reindeer School ( Tiferes Israel School), again a chance to view the countryside that the early jewish immigrants from Romania and Russia settled and established a farming community around 1900.

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