Thursday, August 6

Work In Progress

Cupar and area volunteers have spent untold hours, days, weeks and maybe even years compiling a map of the Cupar Cemetery. It remains a work in progress but is still useful at this point. A draft can be found on the Sask cemeteries website. Eventually a completed copy will be housed at the town office, as well as the Cupar museum. A copy will also hopefully be at the cemetery site.

I was searching a family member of my husband: his father's mother's father's brother's daughter.
Now that is confusing. I could say my husband's great grandfather's brother's daughter or my husband's grandmother's uncle's daughter. Did I get that right? I do better with diagrams.

Anyhow the point is I found Annetta's obit from 1914 and wondered if she was buried in Cupar.

Some of the headstones at the cemetery are deteriorating badly, and can only be seen if the light hits it just right, or if you do a rubbing with onion paper. I was fortunate to have the exact location from the map. Although difficult to read it was the correct headstone.


 So how did I really get to this point? Well, I was thinking about our finished summer display on the early days of Cupar. There are quite a few photos and items on the early business men, but what
about the pioneers' children? 

What about the ones that died in those early years? How can we remember and honour them? I have found a number of obituaries for these children and have been trying to find their headstones. This is of course an ongoing project that will take time but I have started.