Monday, July 27

Finding What You Aren't Looking For

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day and I really didn't feel like weeding. My husband and I decided to take a field trip to the Cupar Cemetery. I wanted to photograph the earliest headstones. Then in the winter I would try and find as many obituaries as possible to add to our obituary album at the museum. Well of course we didn't finish but we did get a good start. Today I intended to pick raspberries and weed, and maybe return to the Cemetery. It rained heavily and there was lightning and thunder, so on to Plan B. I started searching the Cupar Herald between 1908-1910 for obituaries. I found 8. 

                                                                                      Cupar Herald 10 July 1908

As I was about to crop one of the obituaries to a better size when I noticed an article in the upper corner. It was about St. Mary's Anglican Church's brass lectern. Mr. Swaisland was the manager of the Union Bank in Cupar. We also have his wife's obituary from the Cupar Herald dated 28 Feb 1908.
This lectern is at our museum but no one from the church knew it's history. Now we do. Sometimes you find information you aren't looking for and it can be a real gem.

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