Thursday, March 26

cupar herald online

The Saskatchewan Archives in collaboration with Sask History Online have started to put on line The Cupar Herald.  At the present 1914 and 1915 are available.  Please understand it will take some time to have them all up, after all Cupar was not the only small town to have a paper. Our paper went from Nov. 30, 1906 to approximately 1954. Unfortunately not all years were saved. Although we have paper copies at our museum they are disintegrating as they were not meant to last.  I have told people that copies exist on microfilm at the archives in Regina, but many people live too far away to access them.  Having these papers online is critical for historical research, for families, for church groups, sports groups etc. 
Please check the Saskatchewan Archives site for these papers.  Or better yet go directly to and search the name of the community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those involved for beginning this process.

Just an after thought.  I spent a week slowly and carefully photographing  local items out of the 1914 Cupar Herald knowing that it was too fragile to probably ever look at again. We have a sketch of the downtown businesses in 1914 and I obsessively was searching for ones that might not be listed. Sigh.  I think I hurt may back trying to photograph and then label each file.  How wonderful it will be too access them online.

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