Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Past

Christmas makes me think about the past and traditions.  My grandmother and her sisters sent each other handkerchiefs . One year I got a handkerchief holder. As a teenager I was not impressed.  Many years later I remembered it and said something to my mother.  She had saved it and now it is one of my prize possessions.

My mother used to display all the Christmas cards on strings mounted wall to wall. The next year mom would cut up the cards for Christmas present tags. That is a tradition that is disappearing not only because of the cost of postage, but because of the internet be it email, facebook, twitter etc.  I am sure I saved a couple in a box somewhere. I must look for them as winter is upon us. 

Wednesday, December 10

markinch cupar dysart

Markinch, Cupar, and Dysart were named by CPR officials for towns in Scotland. Cupar and District Heritage Museum does have a few souvenirs from Cupar in our collection.  Cupar  in Fifeshire, Scotland is located north of Edinburgh and local residents who have visited it say it lies in a slight valley.  It is an agricultural town. The museum website is  Check it out or you can go to google maps and wander the streets this winter.

A bit different looking than us but still. I guess 110 years ago someone may have been homesick, or just wanted a bit of Scotland in the New World.  We did get a number of families from Scotland coming here in the early years.