Wednesday, October 15

In Search of Grandpa


Recently we had the granddaughter of James Duncan visit our museum from Alberta. She donated 2 wedding photos. She didn't know who the people, other than her grandparents, were or what church they were married in. She knew it was April 1920. We went to our paper copy of the Cupar Herald and found which church they were married in and who the rest of the wedding party were.

  She also brought 2 photos from different angles of Duncan's   store from the 1920's. We found the name of his store: The Busy Bee, when he bought it and from whom, even who he worked for before. Then we started to find ads for his store, a couple of calendars and a thermometer listing his phone number as 26.

We also provided her with his affiliation with the Local Masonic Lodge. Something she had not expected to find.

 We had a fun 3 hours before she and her son headed to Indian Head.

A few days later I was still excited and dragged the photos around to show to anyone I could find.
I showed the wedding party photo to one person who said that's my dad and my aunt.

I took the 2 photos of the Busy Bee Store to coffee row and the men had a great time trying to figure out what the other businesses were. Someone figured out Fred Jarvis, a local policeman, lived in a small house several doors north of the Busy Bee. Before I knew it the men were listing off all the constables who had been in Cupar.

 I think we all had a wonderful time. Photos are great for triggering the memory and getting answers to questions you never asked.


Catherine Wyman said...

Thanks Elaine for the fun time spent with you and for all the information learned, am hoping to return in the summer

Catherine Wyman said...

Thanks for the great visit. the information learned was a great addition to my family history. I am hoping to come back in the summer