Tuesday, September 9

Funeral Announcement Donation

     Thank you to Peter Reiss for his donation of funeral announcements that Annie Reiss had collected over an 18 year period from 1993 to 2010. There are 202 in all.
    It got me thinking about a number of things. If Cupar's population was 600 in 1993 and today 2014 it is still 600 then we must have grown.
    It was not until I moved to Cupar that I began to notice these announcements and thought that it must be a small town practise. They would appear at most businesses in town. I would stop and look at them and think about the person and their family. Of course there would usually be an obituary in the newspaper, but I don't get the paper I go online.
    Then I realized, as I have with many things, that we are in a transitional phase. As the generation before the baby boomers die will these cards continue. We tend now to get our information through social media and one day the people who are not connected will be gone. I hope that doesn't sound morbid. Still I think I will kind of miss the announcement cards, but then I miss the horse drawn milk wagons. Sigh.

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