Thursday, August 28

Chris Jessup donation

  In October 2013 the Cupar Museum 
 had their Harvest Lunch and a Cultural Expo
 featuring sports in the community over the past 100 years. 
 I had found a number of articles about the formation of
 a football club and games played in the area. 
 I was disturbed that we had no football artifacts.
 It was not until recently that I discovered, 
 because of a photo donation by Chris Jessup from England
 of a winning soccer team from Cupar in 1912,
 that football meant soccer. I stand corrected.

  Mr Jessup also donated a marriage certificate of his grandfather Clem Jessup of McDonald Hills. A farm called Mitcham Court was mentioned in a wedding write up I found in the Cupar Herald in October of 1912. I went back again to the Cupar Herald and was able to send him information on life in the McDonald Hills District at the time. Too often we look today at these districts as remote and isolated, but in reality they were active and lively areas with dances, derbies , church socials etc.

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