Thursday, May 1

Qu'Appelle Valley Museums

2014 Calendar of Events : Look for posters in your community for these events
and those not yet scheduled.

May 24  –Bell Barn Indian Head – Lobster Supper
May 25  –Sunday Open House –Abernethy Museum
May 28  Cupar Museum Archaeocaravan Students 9am-3pm, Public 3-5pm
May 31 10am Wolseley Museum Auction
June 11  7pm –Dysart - Opening of new Sports Arena
June 21  Saturday, –Cupar Museum – Strawberry Social
July 1  –Motherwell Homestead –Free Admission
July 11  1:30pm –Dysart Museum High Tea
July 19  –Simple Fun Festival, Kronau
July 19  Saturday –Motherwell –Field to Fork Festival
August 9  Saturday, 1:30 –Dysart Museum Day
August 10  Sunday, –Indian Head Museum Open House
August 16 Saturday –Motherwell – Binding Festival
August 17 Sunday - Bell Barn Indian Head –Horse Fair
August 30 Saturday –Motherwell -Threshing Festival
September 28, Culture Days - Kronau
October 4 –Cupar - Harvest Lunch / Culture Day Expo
October 18 –Fall Fundraiser –Kronau
December 6 –Santa Store –Kronau
December 14 –Christmas Program - Kronau

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