Thursday, May 29


The Archaeology Caravan arrived May 28th at the Cupar Museum. Thanks to Loni and Maria for their wonderful presentations and hand on activities for the school children.

Each group had approximately a one hour session, so from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Kindergarten and grades 1, 2 , 3 , 6, 7, 8  or about 100 participated in bison spearing, artifacts identification and reassembling pottery shards.

After 3:00 p.m members of the public brought items for identification. 

Monday, May 26

MAS Conference Swift Current

Okay, yes I am a bit of a social butterfly. I love meeting people and flittering from place to place.
Eventually I wear out and head back into my cocoon.
If you ask me for “ the highlight “, only one, well I refuse, it's impossible.
My favourites:
Brenda Robinson's keynote speech stayed in my head the entire conference and kept me smiling.
Loved the musical group The Midnight Roses. They kept me toe tapping and awake beyond my bedtime which is early when I am ill.
The all day guided bus tour which included Hugh's running commentary of Swift Current and area was amazing. The 4 museums we visited: Mortlach, Morse, Herbert and Doc's Town were all different, but the volunteers were equally enthusiastic and hospitable to the 50 odd people who descended upon them.
Thank you to everyone who spent so much time making the entire conference memorable, including organizers, speakers and us who came enjoyed and left. P.S. Got my garden in before the rain.

Tuesday, May 13

Qu'Appelle Valley Network Meeting 3 May 2014

I look forward to attending the Qu'Appelle Valley Network meetings whenever I am free to go. I enjoy checking out the displays of the host museum, in this case Indian Head, of getting updates of network museum activites and of the mini workshops presented by MAS, in this case collection management.  Although brief these workshops are always informative. Our Network again received a grant from MAS for $600 and is putting it toward placemats featuring our network museums. Last year we did a brochure. We also had a tour of the Bell Barn after the meeting.

Thursday, May 1

Qu'Appelle Valley Museums

2014 Calendar of Events : Look for posters in your community for these events
and those not yet scheduled.

May 24  –Bell Barn Indian Head – Lobster Supper
May 25  –Sunday Open House –Abernethy Museum
May 28  Cupar Museum Archaeocaravan Students 9am-3pm, Public 3-5pm
May 31 10am Wolseley Museum Auction
June 11  7pm –Dysart - Opening of new Sports Arena
June 21  Saturday, –Cupar Museum – Strawberry Social
July 1  –Motherwell Homestead –Free Admission
July 11  1:30pm –Dysart Museum High Tea
July 19  –Simple Fun Festival, Kronau
July 19  Saturday –Motherwell –Field to Fork Festival
August 9  Saturday, 1:30 –Dysart Museum Day
August 10  Sunday, –Indian Head Museum Open House
August 16 Saturday –Motherwell – Binding Festival
August 17 Sunday - Bell Barn Indian Head –Horse Fair
August 30 Saturday –Motherwell -Threshing Festival
September 28, Culture Days - Kronau
October 4 –Cupar - Harvest Lunch / Culture Day Expo
October 18 –Fall Fundraiser –Kronau
December 6 –Santa Store –Kronau
December 14 –Christmas Program - Kronau