Saturday, August 31

Tour Shalom Residents

On August 30th eleven residents from Shalom, Cupar's nursing home, came for a tour of the museum. 
It was a mixed group of long term citizens and new arrivals, some who had never been to the museum.

As a result the tour provided an opportunity to search for donated family items and give us background information on them, or to view exhibits they had never seen. I always find the visits educational as I learn more stories behind our artifacts and the connection to our community.
Another part of the tour involved identifying what some items were used for. This always  sparks conversation and memories.

Refreshments and cookies were served as conversations continued. 
It was a pleasant 2 hour visit out of the heat of the day.
 Tour guides: Wes Elaine and Judy

Sunday, August 25

Strawberry Social

The Museum's Strawberry Social was held this year on the afternoon of August 24th at the same time as the Roughrider Eskimo game in Edmonton. The Social included strawberry shortcake, refreshments, music from a group from Semans, treasure hunt and face painting.

Thank you  to the volunteers who baked all the cakes and to the volunteers
who brought the residents over from Shalom.

Several people took the opportunity to have appropriate Rider Pride face paint.

Whenever a break was possible
from serving our guests
our volunteers gathered around
a radio
to keep up on the score.

  If any of you live in a bubble we won 30 to 27. Go Riders Go.

Wednesday, August 21

museum metal roof

We are pleased to have the remainder of the metal roof completed. We were also very fortunate to find a local company BTN Construction to complete the work. We had all hoped to have it done over the winter but it was one of those ghastly winters where all we had were enormous  snow drifts.