Friday, July 12


I don't know whether I like or detest the phrase “BUCKET LIST”. I do think it is time to rethink the whole thing. It's not about me sky diving, climbing a mountain, white water rafting. It's about taking time to enjoy and explore some of the things close to home. Get an old fashioned paper map and a compass, you know from an old geometry set and draw a circle around where you live. One hour out, then go on a day trip. Pack a lunch and explore. Take a chance, live a little. Forget you GPS or the Apps that tell you the best place to go, just go. Later you could try a two hour trip. Don't forget to stop and explore all the little gems along the way. If you are feeling really brave try a sunrise to sunset tour.
I wonder how far out Ogema is, must check a map, I am sure I can make it back before dark.

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