Friday, May 3

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society

I had the opportunity to attend the Saskatchewan Genealogical annual meeting in Saskatoon on April 27. It made me realize the value of being a member and how well it aligns itself with my interests in our museum.

A fellow named Merv Weiss gave an excellent presentation called “ Finding Lost Cousins in Europe”. I assumed it would be in the 1800's, but actually at the time of WWII. Instead of searching for existing stories, he searched family who remained behind and once found they recorded their stories of that time period. Perhaps if he had not pursued them their stories might never be told.

Finn Anderson of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society gave a power point presentation on a portion of Evertt Baker photo collection, mainly from the 1940's. A valuable resource and “snapshot “ of our time.

Did you know SGS was formed in 1969, that 35% of total membership live in rural Saskatchewan, that they are the second largest genealogical society in Canada.

Did you know that with a SGS value added membership you have access to family search websites like ancestry, find my past, world vital records, godfrey memorial library. There is also an excellent library at the SGS office in Regina. Check out their website at

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