Wednesday, October 24

Canadian Conservation Institute Workshop

Canadian Conservation Institute Care of Photographic Materials Workshop was held Oct 18-19 in Saskatoon at the WDM. What a wealth of information was presented with the bonus of additional website information and books to explore as participants time permits.

Okay it's either dots, fibre or crystals.
I think my head is going to explode.

 Really enjoyed the tour through the archival center.  I've never seen full sized cars stored on shelves.

Thanks to the Allan Museum for the magic lantern presentation after the workshop.

Monday, October 15

Qu'Appelle Valley Network

6 months ago I did not know there were museum networks. Well I ended up at the Qu'Appelle Valley Network meeting in Abernethy, Oct. 13, a short drive of 80km. Wonderful museum and people. I am really excited about the Cupar museum being part of this network. 
Received lots of information and ideas to take back to my board. 
 Minor panic, dates to remember: 2014 is the 100th anniversary of start of WWI. Barely enough time to start planning. 2017 is the 150th anniversary of confederation. Note to self: start thinking about local activities that were happening in Cupar in 1967. Saskatchewan Archeological Society is doing an archeological caravan for member museums in the Qu'Appelle Valley Network for 2013. Great idea, must move that up the priority list.

Friday, October 12

1940 chevy truck

A Chevy Truck assembled at the GM plant in Regina in 1940 was donated to our museum a few years back. It is indeed one of our prize possessions. It is at this time in running order. The next step in it's restoration has just begun. The truck was driven out of it's work space and delivered to the shop of a volunteer who will complete the necessary body work, reassemble the exterior, and give it a fresh paint job. The truck will be a feature of the museum in parades and other activities in the area we hope for many years to come.