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I  found this sequence of 3 views of Cupar  dating from about 1910 to 1941 

 The Methodist Church was built in 1905

The original Roman Catholic Church was completed about 1910

I have no information at present about this Lutheran Church.

Saint Mary's Anglican Church was established in Cupar in 1906 unfortunately it closed but the building was bought in 2012 and moved to the Qu'Appelle Valley near the junction highway #99 and #6.
I look at it every time I drive to Regina.  I am both happy and sad to see it.
A booklet on the history of the church can be found in the  Cupar museum along with a 
 number of church artifacts.

          I had the opportunity to photograph the interior of Saint Mary's a couple of years back.
It was a dull day and there was no power. I always meant to go back. I never did.

 August 16th 2012 the church left Cupar. 
 I didn't think I would have time to get  home to get my camera
 so I borrowed one from Wanda. 
What was I thinking, it was a slow process.
It is not just small towns that are losing there congregations, members are aging 
 and young people are not replacing them.
         It's happening everywhere

     It was a beautiful day.  Everyone had cameras.

     Good-bye, peace be with you, enjoy your new view, the valley is beautiful in the Fall.

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The Home of a good Friend !
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