Wednesday, February 3

Cupar Boys WWI 1916

Originally it was thought that WWI would last only a few months. Although a number of the boys from Cupar left for the war in 1914, a great number enlisted in 1916. Below is a photo of the Cupar boys who were in the 195th Overseas Battalion City of Regina at Camp Hughes in 1916. Also a list of their names.

One of the things we too often don't think about is what effect the removal of these young men had on the small farming communities and the ability of farmers to both seed and harvest their crops. Below are 2 articles, a general one on the need for soldiers to assist in seeding taken from the Cupar Herald dated 6 April 1916, and the other from the Cupar Herald dated 24 August 1916 refers to the brief return of many of the Cupar boys to assist with the harvest.

                                                                         6 April 1916
                                                                 24 August 1916