Sunday, January 24

In a Box or In the Trash

Winter seems to be passing too quickly and my winter to do list doesn't seem to be happening. Well at least not the official one. I wanted to go though and photograph items from the 1939 Cupar Herald. I meant to put the photos from our summer exhibit in an album. I haven't opened and updated the museum's laptop. I haven't typed up the museum minutes from November. Must move that up my list once I get back from Saskatoon. I had wanted to put more posts on the museum blog. I have maintained it but have ignored checking out the twitter and facebook links my niece set up. Well that has only been 3 or 4 years. I shouldn't even mention the slides I brought back from Vancouver, I think it was 12 years ago. They are safely in several boxes hidden under a bed gathering dust. It breaks my heart to think about culling them down and throwing them in the garbage. The list goes on.

And then the big distraction happened. I got an ipad. My husband downloaded every free app he could find just in case I could use them so I have been putting them in folders and deleting the ones that are basically ads. I like to read the news in the morning and unfortunately on TV there are so many ads I can't remember what I was watching. So I love the ipad for that. Didn't mention the solitaire games that are eating into my productive time.

Email. I have 2 of them but have ignored one for 3 or 4 years. Mistake. So I confess the gmail one has been ignored. Who knew my mail was under the category “more.” all mail not in box. I was delighted to see my gmail account was on my ipad. ALL 895 OF THEM. In the box in the trash. I apologize to anyone who was trying to reach me. I'll get around to it next year. I kept 21 of the 895, and am pleased to see people and institutions following and retweeting. Thank you. But why on my laptop do I have 100 messages and on my ipad only 21. Never mind I'll get around to it next year.

Oh yes it's almost time to start thinking about my spring to do list.

I wonder what is the difference between distraction and procrastination. At least I know how to prioritize, right?