Monday, September 7

Visitors from Shalom

We are fortunate to have had a number of scheduled visits for Shalom Residence in Cupar this summer. They were August 27, September 4 and September 10. Between the Shalom workers and our volunteers it has become a one on one encounter which allows for time at each exhibit and according to the needs and interests of each person.

It has become quite apparent that these are not our pioneers. Many are children of the depression, born around 1930 or before. They are curious about the early settlers but also about exhibits of the 1940's and 50's. As a result we intend to gather our 1950's artifacts into one central space through the winter. It is one thing to learn more about the history of your town and another to remember your own personal history.

Each of our visits has a basic format of looking at the general exhibits, having tea and cookies, trying to identify mystery artifacts and looking at and discussing artifacts of their own time period. On one visit we went through school texts from their childhood. When did Jerry and Jane become Dick and Jane?

At one of the visits we had 2 individual residents who serenaded us with the flute and stories of bands they played in. Each group who visit us is quite different and I find I learn things each time.