Thursday, June 26

Cupar School Tour

Mrs. Wiers and her 27 kindergarten/Grade I students toured the museum June 25.

They were full of energy, yet very attentive.

 What is a school room without students.

Each student keeps a journal, so when they returned to school each had to note down 5 things they learned.

I was impressed with Mrs Wiers approach to our artifacts, linking them to items the children see in their daily lives. Such as a wall crank phone to an i phone or a chalk slate to an i pad.

Tuesday, June 10

Memory of Fallen WWI

This curtain still hangs in the Cupar Town Hall, a little worse for wear and many years of people smoking.  It was painted by L. Hazelaar in 1951.

Friday, June 6

Normandy 1944

Cupar has a connection to Normandy in the sacrifice of a number of young men.  I was able to find information on 2 of these men.



Monday, June 2

WWI postcards

Canadian soldiers in World War I spent many long hours in the trenches just waiting.

To help pass the time some soldiers like “Uncle Bill” did embroidery. This particular embroidered post card was sent July 10, 1917 from France.  Soldiers were not allowed to disclose their exact location. 

 Bill was engaged to Nellie, the Aunt of Edna Elliott ( age 4 ). Bill never returned from France.

Another kind of postcard was basically a form or fill in the blank style.