Thursday, July 18

Internet Browser Inequality

WARNING: Not all browsers for the internet are equal. This blogspot works best with Firefox and Safari. I recently discovered that if you use Internet Explorer you will miss information under the Research Page and About Blogger.

Monday, July 15

cupar museum raffle tickets

Wildlife artist Joan Pain of Saskatoon has kindly donated a Canada Goose print, limited edition #23 of 300. The print is matted and framed. Tickets are available from museum board members.  The draw will happen October 5th at the Harvest Lunch in Cupar.

Friday, July 12


I don't know whether I like or detest the phrase “BUCKET LIST”. I do think it is time to rethink the whole thing. It's not about me sky diving, climbing a mountain, white water rafting. It's about taking time to enjoy and explore some of the things close to home. Get an old fashioned paper map and a compass, you know from an old geometry set and draw a circle around where you live. One hour out, then go on a day trip. Pack a lunch and explore. Take a chance, live a little. Forget you GPS or the Apps that tell you the best place to go, just go. Later you could try a two hour trip. Don't forget to stop and explore all the little gems along the way. If you are feeling really brave try a sunrise to sunset tour.
I wonder how far out Ogema is, must check a map, I am sure I can make it back before dark.