Monday, November 5

Cupar Trade Show Nov 3-4

Thought it might be good promotion for the Cupar museum to have a booth at the trade show. The trade show was organized not only to highlight local businesses, but as a community fundraiser to assist with repairs and refurbishing of the Legion / Library building.
First problem : What do you mean we need a brochure? Found a 30 day free trial brochure template and 2 days of frustration later I had one made.
The trade show really is for selling items so once I explained the butter boxes were not for sale, and started drawing people in to the display it got to be real fun. People really enjoyed browsing through the albums and trying to find the location of their family farm on the 1914 map. Some of the people had been to the museum before but did not realize the variety of things that are there.

Special thank you to Warrior Stones who donated necklaces and bookmarks to the museum for sale.
We raised $115.

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